Mogull sisters and the brilliance of Blini’s

There are certain friendships you make over your life that you just know you were meant to meet.  The Mogull girls are that and more to me.  We met in the 70’s, they were younger and adorable.  My father always said you make your own family in the friends you choose and I certainly feel apart of the Mogull family.  Our fathers were in fact friends and our children are friends so it’s now going on three generations of friends.  Cathy Mogull gives a great Christmas Eve party where she serves blini’s with caviar and smoked salmon.  In the past few years her “friends”, family really, have been displaced by moves.  Alison Mogull moved a few years ago with husband to Colorado. Cathy moved with her husband to Carpenteria.  Cathy Mogull’s best friend Kym moved last year to New York.  I’m still here and I miss our blini parties.  A quirky thing would happen each year, sometime during the year I would want the blini recipe but couldn’t remember where I wrote it, which just gave me the great excuse to call Cathy who would then have to call Alison to get it again.  Not sure what all of our problem was about remembering it because it’s so simple.  And now anyone reading this blog will be able to make these absolutely wonderful and easy blini’s


2 Eggs

One cup milk

1/2 teaspoon salt

One cup flour

2 Tablespoons melted butter

cover and let stand for 30 minutes, we like to put all the ingredients in a blender but you can make it the way you would a pancake batter

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  1. Pauli Moss says:

    Dear Freddie,
    I saw a link to your blog on Facebook (I am friend of Barbara Dudley and Cristi Martin) and have so enjoyed reading your wonderful entries and recipes. I used to be an executive chef “to the stars” (Paul McCartney, Steven Spielberg et al) and now live with my husband in a condo on Wilshire and travel too much.
    I would love to meet you and invite your whole family over for dinner – even Thanksgiving.


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