Father’s Day

Finally a story about another man in my life other than my dad.  Are you relieved?

I’d like you meet my husband. Here he is.

And these are just some of the reasons that I love the man.  I also like him because he is smart and funny.  And handsome.  But, it’s his generous spirit that has always blown me away.

Quickly, some back-story you might need to know.

Michael is only a few years older than me, yet seems like he’s from another generation.  When we drive in his car, he listens exclusively to jazz.  He just loves that whole Sinatra era, rat pack thing.

Some years ago when I knew my friend Ricci Martin had written a book about his dad Dean, (yes, that Dean) I called him up for a signed copy as a gift for my husband.  I didn’t know if my Michael would even read it.  He did.  Then he got to work on a secret gift.  Secret to me at least. Let me clarify something.  I’m not all that close with Ricci.  We have a lot of the same friends, so sure, I can make that call to get the signed book, but we don’t really stay in touch.  I knew nothing of my husband’s plan.  But, he had read that Dean’s favorite scent was Woodhue, a cologne made by Fabrege.  Ricci’s father had been gone quite awhile and Michael thought it would make a great gift if he could find a bottle of the now discontinued scent.  First he made a call to a few relatives.  My husband’s uncle George had been the CEO of Faberge.  No luck.  It hadn’t been made in years.  Then he started a search on the internet and it led him to eBay and he found a never used bottle.  He purchased it and then asked me for Ricci’s address.  I asked why.  And, he told me this story.  That after reading the book, he went on a hunt to find Dean’s son Ricci a bottle of Woodhue.   I think Michael doing that touched me even more than it did Ricci.

Another thing I love about my husband is his work ethic.  I admire it.  He works really hard, never complains even if he’s sick which is rare.  Michael is so unassuming and so not Hollywood.   When people meet him, they literally have to pry out of him what he does for a living.

The ultimate gift that he gave me was handing me a script that he wrote about my dad.  Sorry, all roads/stories in my life lead to Maurice Duke.  About a year or so after my father died, somehow my husband convinced his writing partner that they should write a script about my dad.  Quite frankly, I understand why since my dad is a one- of -a -kind.  But, during the writing, which might have even been a year in his life, he never revealed to me that he was busy writing a script about my father.  My daughter Augie, had once walked into Michael’s office and I guess she stumbled on them during a writing session because she came downstairs and said “You know, I think they are up there writing about Grandpa.”  But, I ignored it because I thought, if he was doing that, he would surely have told me.  Little did I know, but each day I was feeding him information that was going into the script.  I talk about my dad incessantly.  Then one day, my husband told me he had something to show me and he sat me down on the bed.  He placed a script in front of me and a tape recorder next to me.  He said “Here, read this and when it says this music cue (he pointed on a page), turn on the tape recorder.”  I didn’t really understand the whole tape recorder part at all and I was left alone.  I started reading.  And crying.  It’s a comedy and yet, I could not stop crying.  The way they captured my father and all his mannerisms was beyond genius.  The fact that my husband had spent that much time in his life on my dad was; is there a word?  Priceless? Not enough.  Awesome.  No, overused.  I was gobsmacked.  HA, there’s a word I never use and it’s totally wrong.  How about simply, touching.   The music part that I didn’t get was that there were songs he chose that would be perfect for the movie.  The movie about my dad already had a soundtrack.  The name of the script is actually a real song.  Plenty of Money and You.  The script was sent out to some very high budget actors,  like, Dustin Hoffman.  And,  a lower budget (perfect casting) actor Danny DeVito.  Both turning it down saying they had played producers before.  Never a producer as unique and certainly not one with polio!!!!  Everyone who read Plenty of Money and You agreed, one of the best scripts they had ever read.  My husband Michael and his writing partner Jim had not only captured my dad, but also the whole time period.   No one was looking to make a period piece.   I already have a documentary that I directed and it will go along with the DVD if and when we ever get funding for that script.

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When I had only been dating Michael a few months, he bought me a gift for Valentines Day.  An expensive coat.  He was as yet unaware of my coat obsession.    Buying me a new special coat each year would become a tradition (please refer to blog piece titled “Whatever Coat I Want.”)  I’ve amassed quite an impressive collection over the years (21).

When my ex left (for a woman he met at his 20’th reunion –my father the sage had predicted this all along, please refer to a story in my blog titled Germ Warfare) he said these words as he was literally walking out the door “ Furthermore, you’re married to your dad!!!” Which is when I just had to have the last word “ And, furthermore… he makes a much better husband!!!.”

Now I actually do know what it means to have an amazing husband.  And I am one lucky girl!!!!!!!

Forgive me Michael for making you take center stage right now when you much prefer being an off stage character.  I just felt it was your turn for some long overdue recognition.

Happy Father’s Day Michael.  Anyway, this was much cheaper than buying you a new car.

The first coat Michael bought me for Valentines Day!!!

I couldn’t find the right place to say what a great dad Michael is to his kids Max and Emma.  He is an amazing dad and step-dad to my three children.  And now lets talk about food.  One day, just a few years ago, Michael sent me a video of a dish being made that he thought might be something we would like.  We not only like it, we LOVE it.  I now make this sardine, pasta dish a few times a month. Just watch the video to follow the recipe.  Eating this pasta dish kind of makes you feel like you are in Italy!!!

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24 Responses to “Father’s Day”

  1. Julie Phalen says:

    Beautiful tribute to you husband, yes , you are a lucky girl. I am going to make that pasta tonight.

  2. David Miller-Engel says:

    Well done Fredde….

  3. simon says:

    beautiful, fredde. Really. xxx

  4. Joel Brokaw says:

    Great job as always. Much nicer than a car any day!

  5. Mitch says:

    What a wonderful Father’s Day tribute! We don’t celebrate Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day) in our house. But if we did, a few words like the ones you wrote would be the perfect gift.

  6. Peter Hoover says:

    Hey Rat! It rocks and nothing more needs to be quacked. This SS Bum gives “2” Thumbs up!. Aloha and you and fam tear it up tomorrow! (Sunday)….

  7. Joy aroff says:

    What a delight to share your (wonderful, handsome, talented and funny) husband with us on the occasion of Father’s Day. He certainly fits the description with his and yours {kids that is). You really are fortunate Fredde, but then as they say (it goes both ways). And Michael I thought your father was a Dear!!!! Have a really GOOD Day.

  8. renee sherman says:

    Woo hoo Fredde! Another winner post! Still smiling. xoxo

  9. jhr says:

    Another winner, Fredde! A wonderful tribute to your most deserving husband – who I adore!
    I want to read that script!!

  10. Kim says:

    I love this tribute to a wonderful man. Michael, Happy Father’s Day, YOU are one of a kind. You are brilliant, handsome and one of the funniest people I know! Good job Fredde!!!!!!!! Best present ever!

  11. tamara says:

    Such a loving and lovely tribute!

  12. Alan says:

    Michael you are the best. Happy Fathers Day.

  13. Kris Duke says:

    Michael – you are a class act!! Happy Father’s Day……… from your sister-in-law!!

  14. Janet Petkin says:

    I was gobsmacked by this blog. And when you and Michael get the funding for the film and either Robert Downey JR or Charlie Sheen agrees to play your Dad: I have a collection of the “Ink Spots” on 78 records and early king Cole trio that was my Dad’s.
    How did you get that simple music insert thing? Which method is that?

  15. Janet Petkin says:

    Small world Michael’s Uncle was George Barrie. George was Georgette Mossbachers’s second husband. Georgette was a friend of my Stepmom’s. I have like 10 needle pointed Christmas pillows from Georgette and Robert Mossbacher with each year on it and a message. LOL

  16. Mel says:

    Love it! As well as the grouping of the blogs for Father’s Day! I am SO glad that I got to see the documentary to learn about your dad so much more, and now to know more about Michael, too. The movie, so well-written, and, the character, with great humor will be as memorable to the new audiences it reaches in the future. great!

  17. Fredde,
    Yes, you are very blessed to have had such a close relationship with your dad , and to have such a smart, funny, devoted, and handsome husband like Michael.
    So glad you’re giving him the spotlight , no matter how much he shuns it…

  18. Augie Duke says:

    My step dad is one of my favorites in this world. He truly is a blessing to my mom and the whole family. He has so much love for everyone. He gives gives gives. If i had lot’s of money right now i would give him a ticket to wherever in the world he wants to go to, for all the times and today 🙂 he has helped me out . Thank you Micheal step father for being such a loveing kind dad….. I love you

    Love Augie Duke

  19. Laura Plotkin says:

    Wonderful piece, as usual, and yummy-looking recipe as well! Thanks–AGAIN!

  20. Christel Chesney says:

    Wonderful tribute to your hubby. Glad you have each other. Both of you are truly Blessed.

  21. Walter Gizze says:

    Michael my name is Walter Gizze I new your Mom and Dad from Jamica Estates. My wife and I used to go to Vegas with them in the 70’s and I used to do your Moms hair. We would love to hear from u. Is she still living in Manhattan etc. many thanks. Walter Gizze

  22. Joan Bolton says:

    I hope that movie gets made! I would love to see it! I bet your dad is smiling in Heaven. I’m glad you 2 found each other. Maybe you could do a new version of The Thin Man series of movies, another classy couple❤️

  23. Susie Parker says:

    Love hearing about Michael Fredde…..Thank you for sharing!!

  24. Karen Keating says:

    And again I am crying in public! But no one here in Culver City cares. Lovely writing and my sense memory kicks in. For my Dad ,Irish Spring Soap, and my Mom Jean Nate!❤

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