The Not Best Kept Secret in L.A……Giorgio’s

It actually has a different name, some cockamamie name like Giorgio Baldi.

There’s a story behind that, I just don’t know what it is.  There’s probably a LOT of stories behind this restaurant.  And some rumors like that this restaurant first started right here in Pacific Palisades. It didn’t quite “make it” here and moved to it’s permanent and quite successful location in Santa Monica canyon.  Which of course, proves my conspiracy theory about the Palisades  (refer to earlier piece called conspiracy theories).giorgio's to go

Is this ghetto? When I’m craving the pasta from Giorgios , I head down the hill and pick it up to go.  That’s what I did last night.  The rain throws us off here in Los Angeles, so much so that we won’t head out to restaurants or go anywhere for that matter.  And it really isn’t safe, there’s some serious flooding in the streets, trees tend to fall over and even onto cars. So we stay in.  I realized last night, not so when it comes to the amazing and yes famous Giorgio’s.  It was getting packed at 6:30 when I was picking up my to go order.  I was impressed with that fact.  And I too would have been there braving the rain soaked streets to get the best meal L.A. has to offer.  But no one was interested in going out so I ordered it in.  But the truth is I often order in as I said, when I’m craving the penne with langoustines in a slightly spicy tomato sauce.  I hate to go food or home delivery so this is the only place I would ever pick up from. I don’t want to name drop but since I’m about to talk about celebrities, let me go here for one second.  Rosemary Clooney (yes, George’s aunt) (I was friends with her kids) once told me she got the chili from Chasens to go, it’s not something I ever forgot.  Back to Giorgios, you should know it’s only called Giorgio’s by us, the patrons and fans.  No one ever says “do you want to go to Giorgio Baldi?”

The no ones I’m talking about go regularly.  Some of the no ones’ names are Spielberg, Goldie Hawn, Martin Short; it’s like their private kitchen.  This is a really small, cozy place, so when Spielberg or whomever is sitting at a table near you, it has the feel of a dinner party in someone’s private home.  Let me say this now, all the celebs on the Westside for sure and even the ones living on the east side of town or the valley venture this far to eat the superb food.  This restaurant does not need me to give it rave reviews.  But, do yourself a favor and try the dover sole, the best in all of Los Angeles.    I do have some tricks up my sleeve.  Go early, as early as you can.  I go right when it opens and I’m out before the crowd.  The crowd hours are after 7:30 —  that’s when you might be kept waiting for your table.

They do sell their sauces in gourmet markets but it is never as good as eating the pasta in the restaurant.    And, I don’t advise getting food to-go since eating at Giorgio’s is, at the right hour, a pleasure.

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2 Responses to “The Not Best Kept Secret in L.A……Giorgio’s”

  1. jennifer says:

    So great Fredde, has been next to impossible , to keep up with everything, traveling and blogging as well, but always have time for your wit, and it makes my day that we are in this together in a weird way, your story telling has always been wonderful!
    But gets better every time!

  2. Pauli says:

    Love your insight and conspiracy theory about Pac Pal – I lived on Lachman Lane for years and so wished that someone would open a great chinese place that delivered. No such luck. Thank you for being witty AND informative.

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