Avocado a fruit? Who woulda thunk?


We Californians love our avocados, we do.  We might even take them for granted.  All year we are served or make guacamole.  Some of us even have our own avocado trees.

My dining room table was once my childhood coffee table.  In the 50’s and 60’s, my childhood, I sat on the ground close to the top of what was then a low coffee table, scarfing down my mom’s guacamole.  It was amazing. I was like a dog, watching over my master in danger, glaring at people and never leaving my master’s side, only it was GUACA-fuckin-mole!   She made it at the drop of a hat.  Seriously, the minute someone walked in the house, even if she wasn’t expecting company, she would march to the kitchen in a trance, not speaking, perfect hostess, stepford wife- style, to pull together some fresh guac.  If I remember correctly, and I think I do remember most of her ingredients, she would use Tabasco sauce for the heat/spice, even a touch of mayonnaise and some lemon, and of course onion and tomato.  Not sure if she used garlic but I know someone who does and she raves about her guac.  We all rave about our own guacamole.  It’ s like our own private pissing contest out here in southern California.

I am here to let you know who wins.  It’s my new self-appointed job and anyone reading this is clearly lucky because you have just stumbled on gold.  California Gold, guacamole that is.

If you need it to be made and served to you, there are two restaurants that are my favorite.  One is Gardens on Glendon (formerly Hamlet Gardens) in Westwood.  If you order guacamole here, a nice guacamole-making busboy (or is he just the guacamole guy?) comes to your table with his guacamole cart.  It’s great!  He will ask if you want it mild, medium or spicy; I will say between mild and medium.  It’s like a private guacamole making lesson.  He will chop the onion, Serrano chile, tomato and cilantro right in front of you. In a mortar, he will smash all the ingredients together, making the perfect guacamole. This is pretty much my recipe at home, except I add fresh limejuice. Okay, this piece is now a bit out of date and Gardens on Glendon has since closed so you will need to head to Kate Mantilini’s in either Beverly Hills or Woodland Hills. www.KateMantiliniRestaurant.com and in fact I had it the other day and they are adding lime juice and it’s PERFECT guacamole!!!!

My housekeeper and former babysitter rolls into Pavlovian mode when she sees the ingredients on my counter, whipping me up a batch.   So, on most Mondays I am rich in guacamole.  The other days of the week I have to slum it and make my own.

The other restaurant where I love the guacamole is Border Grill in Santa Monica.  They might not make it in front of you, but they always serve the chips warm which I love.


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  1. robin says:

    okay, first of all, i actually do make the best guacamole. ask my friends. they will tell you. also, of all the crazy, destination restaurants, for the guacamole alone, cheesecake factory in glendale. yes, a chain but not any of the restaurants, only the glendale outpost. so, fredde, i do share your obsession with guacamole. wish i could remebre having your mom”s. did i???

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