Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

When I first met my husband, I told him that I’m part Native American.  I’m also half Jewish.  This is when he said to me “ You don’t live on a reservation…you make them”.

I’m sorry, you will not be able to make a reservation at Wolf in Sheeps Clothing, a new pop up restaurant on Abbott Kinney.  Well, I mean you can if you are a party of 6 or more.  Since I am a huge micro-manager, my suggestion is to go, leave your name if there is a wait and walk around going in and out of the great stores.  They will even call you when your table is ready.

Sign on for Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

It’s rare that I’m blown away by a restaurant.  And I have become the town crier about this one.  Which is funny because the woman who once coined me the town crier since I just like to share all my finds– is the one that called me late one night, sated, having to tell me every detail of her experience.  She mentioned that they only serve beer, wine and water and I chose to ignore hearing this.  So, the very next evening when I dragged my husband to an early dinner there, I tried, but failed in ordering my iced tea.   The waitress informed us that once they get their permanent location, they will serve tea and coffee.  I asked if anyone would object to me running out to fetch a drink.  I came back quickly with my iced tea.  I was already in love with the whole casual atmosphere and attitude of the place and of the staff. Nothing like the snooty wait staff at some of the other restaurants on the block. No, I’m not naming which one (you know who you are).   The tablecloths and cutlery (mismatched) are sort of shabby chic meets French Country.  I love the ghetto/strike of genius art work.  Like the sign out in front by (local) artist, Lacey Cowden that drew the wolf and the title of the restaurant is on it, drawn on a piece of torn off  butcher paper.  They say it gets stolen weekly, so the owners just keep putting another one back up.  Now, they have added some vintage suit cases right in front of the restaurant.   Other doodles adorn the walls on torn off paper.   It’s just so cool, like all of Abbott Kinney.

Then we hunkered down and did some ordering.  They had me at smoked rainbow trout, avocado toast, herb salad and egg.  The toast had the avocado spread on it and in an old mason jar was the smoked rainbow trout.  It and almost all dishes are served on a wood tray, like a cutting board.  In the center was the herb salad and sliced hard boiled egg.  Not sure why, instinct kicked in and I didn’t ask how to eat this dish, I just picked up a piece of the toast and spread the trout and topped it with a slice of egg.  I’ve gone back several times and tried many dishes and in fact just had this dish a few nights ago and writing about it is making me so happy with sense memory.  Okay, onto the next one that we inhaled.  Marinated anchovy with soft bread.  Wonderful anchovies are drenched in olive oil with slivered garlic and they serve it with this warm, fresh out of the oven bread.  Amazing.   Gone in about a minute.  And on that first trip to Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, we shared the Hanger Steak with hen of the woods mushrooms.  On other trips, we have had quite possibly the best sand dabs I’ve ever had in Los Angeles, served with hedgehog mushrooms in an almond brown butter and lemon sauce.  It is sort of like an almondine sauce, so good you want to lick the plate.  My step- son fell so in love with the baked oysters with creamed collard greens and bacon, he just kept reordering.  And one time I had something that I’m just not sure anyone in California can get their brain behind because everyone is so health conscious.  An appetizer of just fried chicken skin.  Seriously, just the skin.  And that is all I ever want when I order fried chicken so I cannot tell you what a happy person I was eating that dish.   I’m not going to go on any more about the dishes I have loved because in fact they are changing their menu often.  I will say this, I’ve never had anything I didn’t like.  Alright one more dish, the kale salad is the best in town.  The kale salad has sheeps cheese, pink lady apple, date and a walnut vinaigrette.

sign on bathroom door, hilarious!!!!

Brian Dunsmoor (Axe, Hungry Cat) and Kris Tominaga (Joe’s Restaurant) are the chef/owners who came up with the concept behind this new fabulous restaurant.   So clever.  So original.  Oh, forgot to mention, so affordable!

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves (Matt. 7:15).

Nah, go ahead, get ravenous!

eating at Wolf in Sheep's Clothing with friends Joy Horowitz and Amy Spies

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