Cheerleading Team

“We’re from Beverly, we couldn’t be prouder… if you can’t hear us now, we’ll yell a little louder!” Louder. “We’re from Beverly, we couldn’t be prouder… if you can’t hear us now we’ll yell a little louder!!!” Even louder. “WE’RE FROM BEVERLY, WE COULDN’T BE PROUDER, IF YOU CAN’T HEAR US NOW, WE’LL YELL A LITTLE LOUDER.!!!!!!!“

That was our cheer when I was in the drill team at away games. We were letting them know we were there!

Today, we girls from Beverly who are chummy on Facebook, met for lunch at the new Italian restaurant, Villetta, in Chez Mimi’s spot on 26th in Brentwood. We chose it because I really wanted to try it and because of it’s proximity to Janet’s office, a few doors away.

From the moment we sat down in that oh so magical patio area, we were treated like VIP’S. I almost said we were treated like the princesses we are, but I would only be speaking for myself. They “had me” at the great service, which was really over-the-top spectacular. If the food turned out to be as good, it could be the start of a serious relationship.

At some point, a familiar face with a huge, engaging smile appeared. It belonged to Antonio — my favorite waiter and maître d’ from other Italian restaurants when my kids were small. He came over to our table and we hugged, a great big Italian-hearted bear hug, and I was thrilled to hear that he is the owner/ manager here. I’m also told that the chef is Pippa Calland, formerly of Le Madri and Luna Park in New York. It’s wonderful to see female chefs eclipsing men all over the map… and now we’ve a got our own at the helm of this new Southern Italian kitchen right here in Brentwood.

We all agreed to share a pizza to start. We ordered the one with burrata cheese, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, olives and basil pesto. It was fantastic, though one of us (I won’t name names) mentioned she prefers the even-thinner one at Mozza. Trust me, this is still a thin crust, hardly the extra-doughy-cheesy Piece O’ Pizza from our childhood.

We also shared a salad that we loved. Raw and roasted artichokes with pine nuts, aged manchego and wild arugula. Had it been the dinner menu instead of lunch, I would have ordered the frisee with seared Jidori chicken livers, smoked bacon, warm sherry wine vinaigrette and a four minute egg, which sounds unbelievable. Give me anything with a chicken liver and I’m happy.

Janet and I decided to share the salmon burger on brioche. Perfect and also beautiful with an orange-colored tomato. My other friend Lindy ordered grilled Jidori chicken “Milanese” style with tricolore salad, cherry tomatoes, shaved parmigiano and citrus with toasted bread crumb gremolalta. No cute nicknames –- no Veal Sinatra — here at Villetta; every menu item is listed by all of its eclectic, mouthwatering, farm fresh ingredients. I do remember Lindy offering me a bite of hers, but I think we were all too engrossed in our catching- up -on- a -lifetime- of -experiences- talk. I’m sorry I missed that bite now, but not to worry. I’m going back.

There was a lot of discussion on whether or not we will all be at our reunion in October. Well, there’s no question I’m going. I’m on the committee and I do still have a lot of school spirit. I’m also cheering for Villetta to be the big hit restaurant it deserves to be.

artichoke salad with pine nuts

Jidori chicken dish

salmon burger

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  1. Ellen Bloom says:

    The restaurant sounds divine, Fredde. I’ll definitely try it.

    Urge the girls to attend the reunion. Really, it’s a once in a lifetime event. Our reunion was so fantastic…I’m sure you’ll all have a similar experience!

    BHHS Class of ’70

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