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Chasen’s, Forever Missed

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Chasens's book cover

If you grew up in Hollywood in the 1950’s to 70’s you remember Chasen’s, the famous restaurant. For me, it was the first real celebrity hangout where you were almost guaranteed to spot the biggest names in show business. I have many great memories of going there with my dad. Later, I went with my husband.

Once, when I was out of town, my husband asked me if he could maybe take my dad out to dinner without his entourage. I said, I don’t know, he really likes his entourage and besides, they are very helpful with his wheelchair … and trust me, the logistics aren’t easy. Navigating around places, getting my dad in and out with the wheelchair was tricky. My husband was determined to spend some quality time with Duke. They did end up going to Chasen’s together, no posse, but marriage was not discussed, I’m sorry to say.

My father wouldn’t live to see us married. I was probably fantasizing that Michael was asking for my hand, knowing me.

For some reason I have never outgrown the love of food overly saturated in butter. Most people I know have given it up, but not me. So, in honor of my love for this kind of food (which is too much work for me to make), I’ll share with you the recipe for my favorite Chasens meal, the Hobo steak.

and enjoy my favorite toast they served at Chasen’s (I ate far too many pieces)