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The Perks of Turning 60 (Title=Deceiving)

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Fucking birthday girl photo

First of all, I thought, no, assumed, I was popular, and all kinds of people were going to be asking to take me out to celebrate.  I didn’t throw myself a party which I often do, so then I was thinking that some of my party regulars will get that I’m wanting to celebrate with every one of them individually, or in small groups.  I’m not popular, I’m delusional.

It started kinda great.  Two days before my birthday Robin and Libbie took me for a celebratory dinner at the Palm.  Then on my birthday, I woke up to an email from Huffington Post saying the piece I wrote had been posted that day.  Which I thought was a great sign because the story I wrote is all about my fear of dying at a young age like my mother.  Then a small group of girlfriends met me for lunch on the patio of the Malibu Hotel where I was spending the weekend.   We ate, laughed, and I received some lovely gifts and amazing sentimental notes that I will always cherish.  Libbie is re-gifting cards to me from our long friendship.  So, there was this loving thing I wrote to her in the 1970’s about how beautiful she is and how much I love her, and on the other side she wrote an update to me.  Kimberly wrote a card with words that made me cry (Libbie’s card made me cry too).  It was going smoothly.

Spread of cholesterol at Palm with Libbie and Robin

Spread of cholesterol at Palm with Libbie and Robin