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Beaver Shot Girl

Friday, July 20th, 2012


My least favorite subject is toxic mold.  But somehow, mold lead me to a summer in Malibu.  My house was under reconstruction for nearly two years to get rid of the stachybotrys.   My health had been compromised, my spirit was low and my husband and I rented a little house on the water to change it up.  Start fresh.

Anyone who knows me can tell you my favorite place to live is on Old Malibu Road.  It feels like home, even though I was only a renter for a few years a lifetime ago.  I long for it, I dream of it.  And for this one particular summer, eight summers ago, I lived the dream.

Be careful what you wish for.  I wished for crashing waves to lull me into slumber.  Well, this house was SO close to the water – in it, during high tide — that it sounded more like a tsunami, not that I really know what one sounds like.   My husband could barely stand it.  So, he kind of gave up and only visited on weekends.  When those waves struck the pilings the house shook.  It almost felt like the next one might carry the house out to sea.  I invited the world and no one came.  Seriously.  The Mogull girls came that first weekend and promised they would be visiting all summer.  Never again.  All my other friends, same story.  Usually when I’ve lived on the water, you have to keep it on the down low because too many people just show up.  Not this time.  So, it was just me and my kids. (more…)

What Happened on Old Malibu Road, Stayed on Old Malibu Road

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

I wonder how I can write any story about this time without the sex and drugs, but let me try. I first moved into an apartment on Old Malibu Road with my boyfriend. When we split, I moved girlfriend roommates (Wendy, Diana) in and out so I could stay on the beach, but still be able to afford the pad. We partied a lot. But in our own homes. You see, several of us that were friends were scattered across the beach in different places. And we would float from one house to another. A lot.

Friends that would come visit me would wander to one of the boys’ homes and then might not come back until the following day. I’m not saying who or with whom. And I won’t implicate myself except to say– the name Heidi Fleiss comes to mind. Don’t get the wrong idea, I was never paid for my “matchmaking.”

The other friends who had apartments on the same beach I will name. At least, I will give you first names. Billy, Ricci and John. (more…)

I’m Growing Up, I’m 57!!! (said with a kick like Molly Shannon on SNL)

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

me with my dad, "Duke" at the beach house in 1992

My husband has heard my stories so many times he’s given each a number.   There’s the hilarious # 12, the poignant # 8B, and the surefire crowd-pleasers #2 and #33.  Rather than hear them again, at this point in our marriage he prefers I just call out the number.  This one I’m going to tell you is kind of a celebrity-sighting story – it doesn’t have a number yet, but here goes.

Eighteen summers ago when the show my husband had worked on was ending — well, not so much ending as the host was retiring —  he treated himself to a summer in the “bu.”  (Malibu, for those not in the know).   After all the years of experience with my dad blowing big wads of cash on summer rentals, I decided to help with the negotiations.  My dad would always start his rental on Memorial Day and end at Labor Day.  So, I suggested the same and we got the real estate agent to agree on a lower price for the longer term.  My husband moved into a wonderful home on Old Malibu Road the very night of the show’s last taping.

The summer of ‘92 on Old Malibu Road could have been its own book or at the very least a good short story.   Suffice it to say, it was a grand summer.