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Shine On Harbison Poole!!!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

It’s entirely possible I had some learning problems.  Or did I?  I got by in school, barely.  School was never inspiring except during recess and lunch.  For me, it was all about being social.  In fact, I don’t think I ever stopped talking while in my classes.  Math and Science really threw me.  They both still do.  They are like a foreign language.  I got by though and my report cards usually were all B’s, C’s, or even some D’s, and always an A in PE.  I almost got an F once in Dunker the Flunker’s second grade math class and that is when my mom when into full-blown protect-her-child-mode.  She showed up at school with the results of my IQ test to prove… not sure what?  But, it worked.  Then in high school, I actually did get an F and it was in a filmmaking class.  Again, my mother showed up at school to fight that grade.  This time, she lost. You get the idea; I maintained a strong C-plus average.  Hey, I didn’t know I was there to learn.  I assumed I was there to sharpen my already A-plus social skills. (more…)