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Painting the Town Red

Friday, January 31st, 2014


I’m obsessed.  There’s no way of getting around it.  I’m a walking Jackie Mason routine.  At lunch, no before lunch, I’m deciding where we will go for dinner.  At dinner, I’m wondering if the dessert menu will speak to me or will I just head home to my private stash.  I always have a private stash of freshly baked goods.  I’m more of a junkie when it comes to food.

I’m going to focus on just visiting New York here because Los Angeles, where I live, is different, and a few nights a week I try to cook.   I’m not a very good cook and I’m so lazy that sometimes I pick up one sweet potato, not two, and a salad from the salad bar and call it dinner.  My husband will remind me we can afford two sweet potatoes, but I shop at Gelson’s, so maybe we really can’t afford two. (more…)