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The Outlaw Gypsy

Monday, July 30th, 2012


I remembered her face immediately.  Lisa walked into our high school and our lives after having disappeared many years before.  She had made a brief appearance in grammar school.  Just a few years at Beverly Vista, then vanished.

We looked at each other as our nearly grown-up selves, knowing instantly we had once been close.  And we started up again.

I introduced her around.  She was now a beautiful flower child and stepped into life at our school so easily.  Lisa Saunders wore white peasant shirts and the oh so ubiquitous bell-bottoms of our time.   Chris Head, a wild musician type, became her boyfriend.  And now Lisa adopted a new name and we were all on board to call her by her new moniker, Gypsy.  In fact, coming and going as she had, in and out of our lives, she was a gypsy.  I usually hate when people change their names, but this one suited her. (more…)