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Biscuits are Trending

Saturday, May 18th, 2013



Everyone is always moving on to the next big thing.  What is up with you people?   That cupcake fad sure took off.   I knew why, and I was on it so fast.   I’m still on it in case anyone asks.  Like someone will.  In the same way that I always came home from a trip to London, Paris or even New York sporting a new fashion trend, I was carting back boxes of Magnolia cupcakes from the bakery’s West Village location as gifts for friends.  Turning them all on to my addiction.

I’m not fickle.  In fact I’m the opposite, loyal through and through.  All y’all have moved on to pies or those fancy small French macaroons.   I’m sticking by the cupcake.  Oh, yes I am.

So, how come it took you so long to get into the biscuit craze?  Can I toot my own horn here and tell you how long I’ve been a fan of the biscuit?  Jumping in to answer before you say no.  A long-ass time.  My whole life, in fact.  My southern grandmother, we called her Granny, made them for me.  Pretty sure she dunked them in some bacon fat before they went into the oven.  Those buttery, flakey biscuits came out perfect.  Served piping hot, butter melting everywhere, dripping onto the plate for my first unforgettable bite.  There is nothing quite like it.  Until now.  There are restaurants in Los Angeles serving piping hot, perfect biscuits.  My friend Andrea called yesterday to update me: “Yet another place serving biscuits, a great review today AND it’s on Abbott Kinney.”  “Let’s go right now,” I said after jumping up and down.  And we did. (more…)