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Thank God it’s Friday

Monday, March 3rd, 2014


In the chill air at 7:30 in the morning, I would head out.   Heavy books that I never opened were piled high in my arms.  They weighed me down, but I was used to it.  These were pre-backpack years.  Teachers required you to cover books then, and mine wore clumsy jackets of recycled brown Safeway grocery store bags.  The covers barely hung on, despite the many pieces of Scotch tape randomly applied in all directions.

My bare, skinny legs descended from short, orange and yellow culottes as I crisscrossed the sidewalk, crunching hard on those fall leaves.  Never stepping on cracks for two blocks — from Roxbury to pick up my best friend Susie on Peck Drive.  She was freckled like me, but taller and more mature.  Now I could be distracted, not having to concentrate on my steps.  Instead, we’d talk about our plan for the weekend.  Compromising and strategizing.  Your best friend in school is really your first important relationship, almost a rehearsal for a some day marriage. (more…)