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Nice Matin

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009


The great thing about New York and lets face it everything is great about it, is that you pretty much have to or should walk to your destination.  And by destination,I mean restaurants of course!  After that long walk, sometimes many blocks, you will be rewarded by the spectacular food.  And when I say “food” in New York, I’m talking about bread, no comparison to any bread I’ve ever had in L.A.

Bread server just came by and I’m always greedy so I ask for one of everything, and then I often have them hunt for the heel.  Runs in the family, my dad was keen on the heels and would ask busboys to go fetch “the end” as he called it, from the kitchen.  Okay, breads not killing me today which is probably  good (better for my health) because I can really scarf down the bread and butter.  I’m thinking maybe this isn’t the day for the freshest bread but what I always like about Nice Matin is that you don’t have to ask for butter.  It’s automatically served. (more…)