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Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

Let me start this story by saying, I’m not a momager.  Do you know what a momager is?  It’s a mom who’s also a manager.  Think Kris Kardashian.  Kim’s mom.  I’m not her.  I do, however, have actor/performer children, now adults. Sometimes they ask my advice about their careers.  Sometimes I have an answer.  But only because I grew up in the business.  Not because I know the world of show business now.

My father was a manager.  A real one.  He was not my manager.  But when I had questions, I went to him.  He had answers.  He also was a touch of a stage dad, but only in that he was proud when I worked.  He would visit the set of a commercial I shot.  Then, behind my back, he would contact the ad agency and ask for a reel of the ad.  Okay, I’m so off topic.  Just setting the stage, so to speak.

My son in this story, I will call him B.  Just B.  I’m paranoid.  I think he signed a nondisclosure agreement.  He did sign one.  It’s been years now and I’m sure I shouldn’t care.  I mean, I’m telling this story.